About Sylvia

I embarked on a training course back in 2000. During my training, I had to attend several experiential days and many weekends which gave me a huge self awareness and understanding of myself. This together with my serious commitment to training enabled me to become a successful counsellor.

I studied the Carl Rogers Person Centred Approach which encompasses the 3 Core Conditions of Congruence (genuineness, openness & honesty), Empathy (the ability to walk in someone elses world) and Unconditional Positive Regard (non judgemental and respecting feelings).

Part of the course criteria was to personally receive 40 hours of Person Centred Counselling, which I far exceeded. This counselling has enabled me to explore my own awareness in safety and I believe that this gave me the ability to stay with what my clients bring and also gave me an insight of what environment to offer; allowing me to tap into my own resources.

My training has enabled me to become aware of my own prejudices so that I do not stereotype people as I believe each person is an individual and every situation is unique and different. My beliefs of counselling are to encourage the client to work out their own solution, responding and relating when appropriate, so the client can make their own decisions and by not giving advice, it enables each client to take responsibility for themselves rather than become dependent. I trust the client to know what is right for them, accepting where my clients are. I empower my clients.

I have been in private practice for over nine years; in that time I have had many successes across a wide range of issues.

  • Group Facilitator with Graham Falconer (12 Week Course) April 2003
  • Regular Group Facilitation (between 12 to 30 participants) at experiential weekends
  • Tutoring at St Ivo community Education Introduction to Counselling NVQ Level 2
  • Over seven years Counselling with AICH (Advice, Information & Counselling in Huntingdon) Counselling young people between the ages of 14-24
  • Currently Volunteer Counsellor with YMCA offering free counselling to young people between the ages of 14-25
  • Attendance at numerous experiential workshops in addition to those of the course requirements, which included 12 residential weekend experiential; and in excess of 35 weekend experiential (8 Days)
  • Whilst with Huntingdonshire District Council I was a member of their first contact listening and support services.
  • Private practice for 9 years
  • Working towards Accreditation
  • Fully supervised which keeps both the client and myself safe
  • I continually receive training for a vast number of issues and this keeps me up-to-date with changes in the profession and enables me to grow.
  • Qualified RICTAR Practitioner
  • CRB checked(Criminal Records Bureau)
  • Over 950 counselling contact hours which means lots of experience