• " Thanks for your support over recent times you have been fabulous"
  • "You, Mrs Hallam are good for the soul, you allowed me to talk about my darkest fears and find - my own way like no other person I have ever known. I will be indebted to you forever"
  • " Thank you for your time and help"
  • "A very big thank you. You've helped me achieve so much in my life. Things a while ago I would had never of imagined I would be able to do or say. So thank you for your time, patience and understanding"
  • "Thank you so much for your time you gave me every Thursday Evening. I appreciate your help a lot and am so pleased with the results"
  • " Each week I feel more and more confident"
  • " My life is getting better each week"
  • " I am getting to know me and like me and now my relationships are so much better"
  • " I can talk to you and not feel criticised or judged"
  • "You helped me more in the 6 weeks I have seen you, than my last counsellor did in 12 months"
  • "I am continually suprised to see how much my life has changed with your help"
  • "Things at home are so much calmer since we started seeing you"
  • "Since seeing you I have not had any manic episodes and I finally feel I have control of my life"
  • "I didn't understand myself - How could others! Now I do and I am happier and more accepting of who I am"