What Is Counselling

Counselling offers an opportunity to explore and manage whatever is happening in your life. Maybe you have some worries or concerns that you need to talk through, or possibly some difficult decisions to make. Counselling aims to help you through difficult situations and provide you with an opportunity to move towards a more satisfying and resourceful experience of life.

What do I offer

I offer you a safe, non judgemental, confidential environment in which to explore your problems. And support you in finding your own solutions. I am familiar with a range of approaches and able to adapt to the clients way of exploring to empower you to make healthy choices and change old, unhelpful patterns of behaviours.

My Person-Centred approach offers a way of working which accepts the client for who they are, this enables me to work with individual clients from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

I have been fortunate to work with many issues and been able to offer my clients the support and understanding that they need in order to evolve and make changes in their lives.


Clients frequently express a feeling of control, freedom and power to influence and change their lives, feeling happier, relaxed and in control. Relationships are more fulfilling and stress levels decline. This time for reflection gives emotional freedom and empowerment.

Other more specific benefits are relief from internal struggle and stress and improved emotional and physical health. A major benefit comes from self-awareness, being able to bring forth and maximise potential, and from understanding the affects of behaviour on others and others on themselves.

Is counselling for me?

As a client, you may talk about situations, circumstances, issues (past & present) or about the future. The session will be led by you and only what you bring into the room will be discussed. This ensures that you have control over what is discussed. You should be prepared to feel a little emotional during certain stages of your counselling sessions. Think of it as cleaning up an old wound.