Redundancy and Retirement Counselling Cambridge

After working hard on your career, dealing with redundancy or retirement can be difficult. Your life has been centered around your job and suddenly you are faced with the stress of no longer having that financial security. Counselling in Cambridge can help ease you through the issues associated with redundancy and retirement.

Even if you've tried to prepare yourself, redundancy is often sudden. Forced retirement can be just as sudden. Financial problems, finding something to occupy your time with and searching for a new career are all common issues counselling in Cambridge helps you with. Talking with a friend or family member sometimes makes you feel worse about your situation, especially if the person you're talking to is negatively impacted. With counselling in Cambridge, you can learn the best ways to manage your stress, discuss the problem with others and create a plan to ensure you have the financial and emotional stability you need.

Counselling in Cambridge for redundancy and retirement gives you a safe place to discuss your problems. You can discover ways the situation can actually benefit you, especially in the case of redundancy. With counselling in Cambridge you'll be able to not only recover from the loss of your job, but learn how to start a new career or life goal.